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Contract Name Contract # Subcontract # Manufacturers
Cloud Msg & Collaboration 39714 Microsoft
Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment - Laser Printers 41000 Brother
Kansas Highway Patrol - Brother PocketJet Printers 43850 Brother
NASPO ValuePoint - Cloud Solutions AR2488 43644 Amazon; Ascent Innovations; Asset Panda; CA Technologies; Cartegraph; Citrix; Clairvoyant; CORL Technologies; CyberReef Solutions; Decision Lens; GovQA; ImageSource; Ingalls Information Security; JASK; JUMP Technology Services; Komprise; Lighthouse Software; Lucid Software; Microsoft; OpenGov; OtisEd; Paladin Data; PayIT; Pegasystems; ProCloud; SmartSimple Software; StreamLink Software; Transformyx; Turnkey Cyber Solutions; ViON; Virteva; VMware; Volta; Fishtech Group; Cadence Online; Intresys; ComTec; Numetric; CloudPWR; Pathable; DrFirst; Info-Tech Research Group; Securly; IGM Technology; Galaxy Digital; Scout; Hoonuit; EasyVista; Knowledge Capital Alliance; SOMA Global
NASPO ValuePoint - Computer Equipment MNWNC-121 41450 NetApp
NASPO ValuePoint - Computer Equipment MNWNC-117 40402 Lenovo
NASPO ValuePoint - Computer Equipment MNWNC-108 81AHD Dell
NASPO ValuePoint - Computer Equipment MNWNC-119 40395 Microsoft Surface
NASPO ValuePoint - Computer Equipment MNWNC-111 40782 Fujitsu
NASPO ValuePoint - Data Communications AR626 40117 Palo Alto Networks
NASPO ValuePoint - Data Communications AR233 42860 Cisco
NASPO ValuePoint - Software VAR ADSPO16-130651 42145 All manufacturers
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