Health Check

Is your network in good shape? Not sure?
Let’s put it to the test with SHI’s Network Health Check.

Your network is the central pillar of your company’s IT infrastructure – the very backbone of your organization. With the evolution of viruses, malware and increasingly sophisticated hackers, your network needs not only to be increasingly efficient, but secure against attacks.

SHI’s Network Health Check gives you thorough feedback regarding every aspect of your network. This is the first step in creating a strong and dependable infrastructure. Whether you’re looking for a general overview or preparing for an entire refresh, SHI can help.

As with all of our assessments, you’ll get a detailed report and executive summary that includes best practices, potential issues and recommendations from our senior solution architects. This is all done remotely without any business interruptions.

After we review the report with you, you will have a better idea of the next best plan of action to bring your network up to speed.

This complete network overview includes:

  • A health index
  • A what-if analysis
  • Critical health recommendations (based on a hardware/software inventory audit)
  • Field notices
  • End of life notices
  • Configuration best practices analysis
  • Security advisory analysis

To discover what shape your network is in, contact us today!

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