Social Engineering

How secure is your organization’s social network?
(And we’re not talking about Facebook).

People can be very insecure – and not just about their appearance. Information commonly shared by otherwise solid employees with the best of intentions can put your organization at risk. Our Social Engineering Assessment tries to hack into the human fabric of your organization to determine where weaknesses lie.

SHI’s security professionals will examine your staff through a variety of social engineering scenarios, such as phone interviews, phishing emails, social media contact, etc. With proper insider authorization, we can even send someone on-site to test the physical plant security by attempting to access restricted areas and data centers. This may sound like a scene from your favorite James Bond movie, but some of the most detrimental data breaches can occur as a result of human error.

Your network is not fully secure until everyone in your organization is on the same page. Get ahead of the game and test your social network with SHI’s Social Engineering Assessment.

After the proper Social Engineering Assessment has been conducted, we’ll provide a report that includes:

  • An executive summary
  • Various testing scenario results
  • Specific risks, recommendations and remediation
  • Electronic artifacts (environmental and electronic discovery)

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