Azure Planning

Planning an Azure deployment, but not sure which
applications and workloads would benefit the most?
SHI’s Azure Planning Assessment can help!

What if you could use tangible, real-world numbers to support your argument for moving to the cloud? Would that help you sell it to upper management?

Working in conjunction with Apparatus and Cloudamize, SHI’s cloud experts can produce an Azure deployment strategy which captures your virtual machine capacity and shows the actual benefits you would receive by moving to the cloud. We survey your existing environment and use that data to recommend your best approach into the cloud, estimated costs and what it will take to get you there.

In as little as one week, you can pinpoint how Azure will benefit your organization by analyzing data from your current physical and virtual environments.


  • Quick: Results are provided in as little as
    one week
  • Thorough: On-premise and datacenter machine usage data is collected
  • Accurate: Provisioning and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is factored into CPU, memory, disk and network I/O usage metrics
  • Useful: Detailed results are available through an audit report or SaaS platform


  1. Objectives: We explore your objectives, review concerns and define priorities
  2. Analysis & Planning: We analyze your environment’s data and identify your assets and how they should look in a cloud setting
  3. Solution & Next Steps: We present an Azure Readiness Assessment Report, showing the benefits of moving to the cloud and the simplest way to get you there

To learn more on how to ready your system for Azure, contact us today!

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