Cloud Readiness

SHI’s Cloud Readiness Assessment
gives you everything you need to begin
your journey to the cloud!

The technical and business benefits of cloud computing, as documented far and wide by IT marketing executives, are seemingly endless. But what will it take for your organization to make the move to the cloud?

While making the switch to the cloud, you need to evaluate your current environment and address several readiness issues to ensure a smooth, effective transition. SHI’s Cloud Readiness Assessment gives you the insight and tactics you need to pave the path to cloud success.

How We Do It

Our cloud professionals ensure you have a robust, comprehensive framework and the proficiency needed to kick off your cloud initiative by:

  • Analyzing current cloud proficiency and knowledge gaps
  • Analyzing IT environment cloud readiness gaps
  • Reviewing cloud computing best practices and methodologies readiness gaps

What You Get

During the Cloud Readiness Assessment, SHI’s cloud experts assess your organization’s overall cloud readiness and provide a report and remedial plans for:

  • Cloud proficiency and knowledge gaps
  • IT environment readiness gaps
  • Cloud computing best practice and methodology
    readiness gaps
  • Business and IT organizational readiness gaps
  • Infrastructure, capacity and performance
  • Security and compliance

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