Veritas Enterprise Vault
Health Check

Optimize your Enterprise Vault deployment
with SHI’s Enterprise Vault Health Check.

You’re already using Enterprise Vault to reduce operational costs, simplify storage management, and streamline backup and recovery … but what functionality are you missing? Are you using it to the best of its ability? Let SHI’s Enterprise Vault Health Check optimize your experience!

What We Assess

Performed by our team of EV experts, the Veritas Enterprise Vault Health Check allows you to gain visibility into and verify the health of your existing EV environment, including system updates and archiving best practices and policies.

During the Health Check, SHI’s solution architects assess the following:

  • EV server configuration best practices and compatibility
    • Hardware
    • Operating system
    • Outlook version
  • Storage configuration
    • Indexes
    • Vault store partitions
  • SQL server configuration
  • Archiving targets
    • Tasks and schedules
  • Policy settings
  • Retention categories
  • Backup practices
  • Client access
  • Event log warning and errors

The Process

The Health Check, which takes between one and two weeks, is typically performed on-site at your location but can also be done remotely, if needed. Our experts create a report outlining best practices for optimizing and operating your existing Enterprise Vault Environment, as well as a proposal for remediation.

To learn more about the Veritas Enterprise Vault Health Check, contact us today.

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