Vulnerability Assessment

Have SHI determine where the strengths and
weaknesses are in your network.

Being vulnerable is great … if you’re writing a romantic comedy. However, having unknown vulnerabilities in your IT environment is both costly and dangerous. Identifying and eliminating these weak points is the top priority for all IT professionals.

Our Vulnerability Assessment is the core of SHI’s Security Practice Assessment Services. SHI will examine both internal and external perimeters to identify any rogue points of entry that can be of detriment to your organization. This is done with a baseline scan using automated tools. At the end of the assessment you will receive an executive summary that contains the following:

  • Host information about the system scanned
  • Vulnerability identified
  • Criticality risk of the issue identified
  • Suggested remediation

In addition to this summary, we will include technical findings detailing both internal and external scan findings as well as electronic artifacts.

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