VDI Planning

SHI’s Virtualization Desktop Infrastructure Assessment
unlocks the value of going virtual and provides the
next steps.

Are your employees complaining about not having the same functionalities of their desktop when they’re working remotely? Or maybe they need access 24 hours a day, seven days a week – no matter where they are? Assigning everyone their own portable device may infringe on both security and budgetary constraints. Whatever the reason, you’re looking for a solution that couples enhanced productivity with no loss to manageability.

Look no further. SHI’s VDI Planning Assessment gives you insight into your current IT environment and issues an executive summary complete with best practice recommendations for the most effective migration.

Even if you have an existing VDI in place, SHI can evaluate its effectiveness and let you know if it’s performing at the optimum level. Whether you want to implement a BYOD program or are just looking to free up some physical space, SHI’s consultants will scour your network and deliver an analysis to guide your next steps.

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