Manage Your
Cloud Environment

Monitoring and normalizing your cloud consumption like it’s Dad’s credit card statement.

One of the most challenging and important phases of cloud computing happens every month/quarter/year after it is deployed: monitoring usage and normalizing the billing process. Although your cloud service provider takes care of updating the hardware, software and security (all the fun stuff), someone must now be ready for inconsistent billing based on the cloud consumption of your organization.

Not fun.

SHI helps by taking a hands-on role in all of the behind-the-scenes activity of managing your cloud-based solutions. When we say we’re a one-stop-shop, we mean it.

SHI assists with:

  • Greater control and visibility over cloud spend through advanced reporting, project grouping and alerts
  • Billing normalization/governance/compliance
  • Managing support contracts (where applicable)
  • Providing AWS- and Azure-certified solution architects, system operators and developers
  • A single point of contact to explore additional cloud services and cloud-compatible products
  • Detailed visibility into the true financial cost of transitioning any workload to a cloud service

Get help making cloud more predictable than your kid’s trip to the college bookstore – let SHI help you manage the business and technical aspects of your move to the cloud!