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About Druva

Druva is a global leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, delivering the industry's first Data Management-as-a-Service solution that aggregates data from endpoints, servers and cloud applications. Druva leverages the public cloud to offer a single pane of glass to enable data protection, governance and intelligence - dramatically increasing the availability and visibility of business critical information while reducing the risk, cost and complexity of managing and protecting it.

Partnership with SHI

Together, SHI and Druva deliver Data Management Solutions to organizations and government agencies across the globe. Everyday customers rely on Druva's cloud native Data Management-as-a-Service solutions to protect their data, and meet their governance, compliance and data intelligence needs. Contact SHI 

Endpoint Solutions

Enterprise Endpoint Data Protection and Governance

Druva inSync is the industry's #1 cloud-based data protection for endpoints and cloud apps. Druva inSync provides a unified data protection and information governance solution that delivers a single pane of glass for viewing and managing dispersed data across endpoints and cloud applications - facilitating business continuity while not impacting employee productivity.

Data spread across devices and cloud services, unpredictable schedules, and varied network connections all complicate efforts to protect and govern enterprise information. With Druva inSync, companies can protect their data stored in the cloud or on mobile devices while also addressing rising compliance and legal needs.

Druva inSync: Endpoint Data Protection & Governance

Cloud Applications

How Druva Addresses The Missing Layers of Data Protection

Organizations are increasingly migrating to Office 365 for their email, productivity, and collaboration tools. However, many are also realizing that Office 365's native capabilities do not provide essential data protection capabilities, nor does it meet their standards for eDiscovery, archiving, and malware recovery.

Druva helps some of the world's largest organizations protect their investment in Microsoft Office 365 from data loss and compliance violations. With its cloud app integration, Druva enables enterprises to regain control and address these challenges by providing a centralized system for the management, governance and recovery of user data, no matter where the data resides.

Data Protection for SaaS Applications: The Hidden Risks

Server Solutions

Cloud Backup & Archival for Physical Servers

The traditional model of multi-tiered server backup is highly inefficient, often involving backups to staging servers, tapes and off-site long-term archives. Druva Phoenix eliminates the inefficiencies (and the skyrocketing storage bills) of legacy solutions with a high-performance, born-in-the-cloud solution that's built for today's enterprise needs by natively leveraging public cloud storage infrastructure - enabling organizations to centrally manage remote office data protection in the cloud.

Druva Phoenix: Unified Cloud Backup, Archival and Disaster Recovery Solutions for VM and Server Data

Druva Cloud Platform

Unlock The Value of Your Data

The Druva Cloud Platform allows for management across all your data sources that's scalable, predictable and on-demand by harnessing the power of the cloud. Every organization is struggling to manage increasing amounts of data in a growing number of locations, all resulting in increased costs and management complexity. The Druva Cloud Platform provides a simple, scalable approach to take control of your most critical data - all as-a-service. Now you can get visibility and control across your entire data footprint, all while realizing the full value and efficiency of the cloud.

Druva: Unified Data Protection, Born in the Cloud

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