Case Study:

Marketing Firm Solves Custom Application Issues Caused by Legacy Storage Platform

Pure Storage solution increases performance and availability with less attention from IT staff


Customer Profile

A large firm focused on improving customer performance through sales and marketing solutions.


Aging back-end storage infrastructure caused the firm’s customers to experience performance issues when running applications.


Data Center

SHI performed a Storage Assessment to determine the firm’s workloads and recommended a Pure Storage all-flash solution for data efficiency and scalable growth.




  • 10x performance increase in app speed and data availability
  • Reduced data center and colocation physical footprint
  • Decreased power and cooling costs


An inadequate back-end storage solution caused the customers of a sales and marketing firm to experience performance issues while running its applications. Since the firm’s very business model was based on delivering information to sales teams and clients across the country, performance and data were everything.

The customized data powering these apps existed in multiple databases and was specific to individual queries and levels of authorization. Any breakdown in performance exponentially increased as it was delivered to end users.

Maintenance to prevent or rectify unpredictable errors and downtime caused by slow performance were consuming large amounts of IT manpower. With a small staff already supporting 5,000 employees across 22 offices and two data centers, unexpected outages and frequent maintenance were pushing IT to the limit.


After performing a Storage Assessment to determine the type of workloads needed, SHI recommended a replacement solution built around Pure Storage. At the customer’s request, SHI also helped the firm source an all-flash solution from the incumbent vendor. However, tests showed it lacked the necessary coding to meet the firm’s increasingly virtualized databases.

Pure’s all-flash solution easily handled the SQL environment while providing performance and data efficiency that could scale to future growth. After experiencing Pure’s potential during a real-world demonstration, the customer purchased two Pure Storage m70 FlashArrays for both its main and disaster recovery data centers. The new solution led to a 15-to-1 data reduction which resulted in a 10x performance increase on all three databases the application leveraged. They were also able to significantly reduce their data center footprint from eight full racks to less than six, cutting power and cooling costs, and decreasing their physical footprint in a colocation facility.

"Rather than having to purchase shelf after shelf of disk to accommodate new data and performance metrics, Pure Storage leveraged inline compression and deduplication as well as all-flash performance to eliminate IO and latency bottlenecks," said Brett Neie, SHI field solutions engineer. "Replication and data protection also proved to run more efficiently on Pure."

In addition to reducing downtime, Pure’s solution freed the IT department. Previously, the firm’s IT staff worked with a dedicated vendor engineer to perform daily tuning and storage orchestration. The only thing the Pure Storage solution required was a data migration to start the project. Once it was up and running, the platform operated the proprietary application monitored by one storage admin.