Case Study:

Car Retailer and Finance Company Use Hyperconverged Technology to Fix Network Latency

SHI and Nutanix help customer cut costs and improve application performance


Customer Profile

A large car dealer helping customers get the car they need through available financing options.


The customer was experiencing network latency and slow applications due to aging hardware.


Data Center

After tests were performed on the customer’s environment to determine gaps between two different storage and infrastructure providers, SHI recommended a Nutanix-based solution to consolidate server, storage and networking into a single appliance and a Cisco upgrade.




  • Scalable storage
  • Improved network performance
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Ease of management


Increasingly frequent compute issues, like network latency and slow applications, were the deciding factors for a car dealership and finance company to update their hardware and storage. And while specializing in high risk car loans and auto sales was their expertise, refreshing hardware and deploying a storage solution to 140 locations and 5,000 end-users on a limited budget, was not.


After testing and observing an environment that was experiencing gaps between two different storage and infrastructure manufacturers, SHI ultimately recommended a Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution to consolidate server, storage and networking into a single appliance.

Solutions from three competing manufacturers (both separately and combined) were also considered and SHI helped the customer source the alternatives. Ultimately, higher pricing and increased complexity from the other solutions narrowed down their option to Nutanix.

In addition to vendor consolidation and ease of management, the Nutanix solution provided a stable and secure environment at a lower total cost of ownership.

The money saved also allowed the customer to upgrade their existing 4,500 Cisco back-end switches as well as their Citrix products.

Since hyperconvergence was a new concept for the customer, SHI and Nutanix ran a demo box in a test environment. After two weeks of using the demo, the customer was certain Nutanix was the right choice.

The company immediately placed a first order for both their primary and disaster recovery sites, and they have since replaced all legacy boxes at both locations with Nutanix. The entire process from discovery to purchase took only two months to complete.

“Other competing storage models have a certain capacity,” said Cary Dahl, SHI regional solutions manager. “The challenge for a company is to decide where they want to be in 36 to 60 months and plan accordingly. If they did not buy the right size unit upfront, or did not know they were going to acquire more companies or need more space, they would have to upgrade or replace it. Nutanix is a hyperconvergent solution; each node has a certain amount of server, storage and network in it, which allows for a company to grow and purchase in a linear scale as the need arises.”

To date, that linear option has saved the customer a substantial amount of time and money. They can now add to their existing compute and storage infrastructure in a 14-business-day turnaround. Due to the various vendors previously involved, the same process used to take six weeks.

The new solution has also eliminated the need to hire an OEM-certified specialist, as needed to support the old configuration, and a five-member team now efficiently manages Nutanix. The customer has also reduced their storage footprint while receiving better performance overall.