Data Center

Staying in sync is for more than just music. We’ll help you keep your data center running in harmony.

Like your favorite band, a data center has many different components that must be synchronized in order to smoothly and successfully operate. Keeping every component healthy, efficient and secure is imperative. SHI’s Data Center Readiness Assessments ensure all of your moving parts are in tune and include:

Network Health Check: Receive thorough feedback on your network to optimize usage, improve performance or prepare for an entire refresh.

VMware vSphere Capacity Planner: Easily transition to a virtual environment by receiving insightful data from your current physical environment and a roadmap to a custom virtual solution.

VMware vSphere Health Check: Maximize your vSphere environment’s performance and redundancy with ease.

Power and Cooling: Cut down on operating costs and maximize efficiency by identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions.

Veritas NetBackup Analyzer: Get the most out of your NetBackup deployment through data collection and analysis.

Veritas Enterprise Vault Health Check: Gain visibility into and verify the health of your Enterprise Vault solution through assessments and data collection.

Storage Assessment: Assess your current storage solution and discover how to optimize accessibility, manageability, security and ease-of-use.

Dark Data Assessment: Identify and gain control of lingering dark data in your network through in-depth analysis and remediation planning.

Wireless Networking Planning and Site Survey Gain insight into your current network and prepare it for future growth with our in-depth onsite services.

VMware Virtual SAN Assessment: Get the most out of your virtual network by assessing your TCO and hardware, and receiving strategic business and technical recommendations.

VMware Virtual Network Assessment: Strengthen your NSX deployment by identifying security gaps, analyzing your traffic profile and optimizing traffic.

VMware VOA and HCA Assessments: Analyze and optimize your vSphere environment, identify and remediate issues, and compare public and private cloud costs.

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