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We believe data and connectivity are crucial for business success. Our solutions ensure they’re available when and where you and your customers need them. It’s how we provide Certainty in a Connected World. Shop APC 

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As an APC Premier Specialized Partner, SHI offers qualified resources that can sell and support APC’s data center infrastructure systems and innovative edge IT solutions. Our dedicated sales teams will ensure you get the most reliable and efficient solution possible at a competitive price to enable certainty in a connected world. Contact SHI 

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Battery backup and surge protection for wireless networks, computers, gaming consoles and other electronics


Power availability and management for entry-level to high-performance servers, storage and business networking systems


APC's mobile power packs keep your mobile devices charged so you stay connected throughout life's journeys

Open and enclosed server rack and network rack solutions fordata centers, server rooms, network closets, offices, industrial, and specialty applications


Power distribution and transfer switch solutions for IT equipment from network closets to data centers


A power strip with premium surge protection from damaging power transients for residential, business and industrial applications.

Micro Data Center Solutions

Solutions for Standardized Edge Computing Deployments

Micro Data Center from APC by Schneider Electric makes it fast, easy and cost effective to design, procure and deploy the physical layer of IT systems to Data Centers or the Edge, anywhere in the world. Reduce latency and reduce downtime to your network.

Micro-Data Center SX

Ideal for data center or edge deployments

Micro-Data Center FX

Ruggedized for performance in any environment

Deploy hyperconverged solutions

Rethinking Data Center Resiliency at the Edge of your Network

EcoStruxure IT

Real time visibility and insights.

A highly secure monitoring application, enabled through a cloud-based platform, that delivers live data via smartphone, with big data analytics for reporting and recommendations for improvements.

  • Intelligent Diagnostics – Recommendations on how to improve resource allocation by considering redundancy, space, planning, priorities, and more.
  • Vendor Neutral – Monitor an extensive range of networked Schneider Electric and 3rd party devices. Our device database contains thousands of devices, and new ones are added everyday.

Iot Enabled EcoStruxure for Data Centers Will Support your Next Big Idea

EcoStruxure IT: Simplifying Data Center Operations

Smart-UPS with SmartConnect

New Cloud enabled UPS

The first cloud enabled UPS for distributed IT updates, and advanced support. APC SmartConnect makes the legendary Smart-UPS more adaptable and easier to deploy than ever before, enabling you to view the status of your UPS through a secure web portal.

Through this intuitive remote management interface, you’ll receive automatic notifications, firmware updates, and advanced support; providing you with added value-and more importantly—added peace of mind.

Shop APC Smart-UPS

Smart-UPS Are Now Cloud-Enabled with APC SmartConnect

Why monitor connected Smart-UPS: The first cloud enabled UPS for distributed IT

Introducing: APC SmartConnect

UPS Lifecycle

Protect your UPS Investment by managing your UPS LifeCycle

You have made an investment in your uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and, givent he cost of downtime, preventive maintenance shouldn’t be left to chance. So understand the value of regular maintenance in maximizing the life of their UPSs.

UPS life expectancy fluctuates greatly depending on 5 factors:

  • Placement
  • Ambient temperature
  • Cycling
  • Maintenance
  • Battery chemistry & battery storage
Shop APC UPS Products
Protect Your Data

Maximize your investment in uninterruptible power supplies

UPS failure is not an option

The Data Center Life Cycle: Assessment


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White Paper

Cost Benefit Analysis is of Edge Micro Data Center Deployments

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Specifying Data Center IT Pod Architectures

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Why Cloud Computing is Requiring us to Rethink Resiliency at the Edge

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Prefabricated Data Center Solutions Ebook

Respond to your data center needs quickly

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Flexible, fast, and simple IT deployment with rack-ready pod design

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Supporting LightEdge Solutions with Hybrid Colocation

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Cisco Validation Infographic

The Missing Piece in Converged, Hyperconverged, and Integrated IT Solutions

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Solution Brief

Hyperconverged Solutions and Infrastructure from APC with Nutanix

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