Accelerate the transformation of enterprise data into accurate, actionable insights. We'll help you connect all the pieces of your data management and data governance lifecycle.

That’s theThe competitive "EDGE" for the modern enterprise.

About erwin

erwin provides the most comprehensive data management and governance solutions to automate and accelerate the transformation of data into accurate and actionable insights. The erwin EDGE platform combines data governance, enterprise architecture, business process, data modeling and data mapping. It features the broadest set of metadata connectors for data preparation, modeling and governance. Shop erwin 

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As a Diamond-level partner, SHI holds the certifications that authorize it to sell the entire erwin data governance software platform. Dedicated account management plus field, inside and pre-sales support ensures the desired outcomes: data-driven insights, agile innovation, business transformation and regulatory compliance. Contact SHI 

The erwin EDGE

Where Data Management & Data Governance Meet

erwin supports every critical piece of the data management and data governance lifecycle, automating and accelerating the speed to actionable insights. The integrated erwin EDGE Platform creates an “enterprise data governance experience” that brings together both IT and the business to fuel an accurate, real-time, high-quality data pipeline that yields the intelligence to produce the desired outcomes – from regulatory compliance to business transformation.

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erwin Data Governance

The most connected data governance software

erwin Data Governance (DG) enables organizations to know what data they have and where it resides, understand what it means in common, standardized terms and then transform it into useful information they can act on – all while controlling its access. It’s the only software that integrates traditional data governance capabilities with data preparation and enterprise modeling capabilities to deliver an agile, harmonized platform for faster time-to-value, including managing change with lower risks and costs.

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Data Governance Is Everyone’s Business

Bringing IT and business together for a new era in data-driven enterprise

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Solving the Enterprise Data Dilemma

Harmonizing Data Management and Data Governance to Accelerate Actionable Insights

Data Mapping

Automated metadata-driven mapping and code generation

erwin Mapping Manager (MM) automates enterprise data mapping and code generation for faster time-to-value and greater accuracy when it comes to data movement projects, as well as synchronizing “data in motion” with data management and governance efforts. Map data elements to their sources within a single repository to determine data lineage, deploy data warehouses and other Big Data solutions, and harmonize data integration across platforms.

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erwin Data Modeler

The most trusted data modeling software

Who’s No. 1? We are! We don’t mean to brag (well, maybe a little), but data modeling remains the best way to design and deploy relational databases and support application development, and erwin Data Modeler (DM) continues to be the gold standard. The world’s largest organizations and top brands use it to discover, design, visualize, standardize and deploy high-quality data assets through an intuitive, graphical interface. With erwin DM, view “any data” from “anywhere” for consistency, clarity and artifact reuse across large-scale data integration, master data management, Big Data and business intelligence/analytics initiatives. Visibility into where and how data should be used as part of a central repository makes erwin DM key to effective data governance.

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erwin Enterprise Architecture

On-premise, customizable enterprise architecture software

It’s not a crystal ball, but erwin Enterprise Architecture (EA) shows you where innovation is lagging or how it can be used to drive competitive advantage. Plus you can take the guesswork out of business and IT transformation and tame the complexity of major initiatives like application rationalization, cloud migration and implementing Big Data. erwin EA aligns IT and the business, mapping a company’s applications and the associated technologies and data to the business functions they enable. A structured EA approach also supports data governance, providing insight into the relationship between data assets and applications, so data usage and flows can be directed for greater focus on applications that deliver the greatest value.

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erwin Business Process

Business process modeling and management software

The key to getting what you want is being able to visualize it. erwin Business Process (BP) software models process flows, system interactions and organizational hierarchies to ensure elements are aligned and core operations optimized. Only by mapping and analyzing your business processes can you better manage, improve or redesign them plus ensure employees understand and are accountable for carrying out the processes for which they’re responsible. Data governance also relies on business process modeling and analysis to drive improvement, including identifying business practices susceptible to security, compliance or other risks and adding controls to mitigate exposures.

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