Cloud Data Management

Protect, Automate, and Govern All Applications
Across Your Hybrid Cloud.

About Rubrik

Rubrik is the market leader in Cloud Data Management, the world's first platform to orchestrate data for hybrid cloud enterprises anytime, anywhere. Rubrik combines future-proof architecture with consumer-grade simplicity to pioneer a fresh approach to an old problem.

Partnership with SHI

SHI and Rubrik deliver real-world solutions to the problems customers are experiencing in today's evolving ecosystems. Through our partnership, the world's largest businesses, service providers, government entities, and consumer brands rely on Rubrik to deliver and secure applications and services while ensuring people stay connected. Contact SHI 

Cloud Data Management

Simplify Data Management and Recovery

Legacy to new-age. On-prem to cloud. Rubrik has you covered. Build for today and tomorrow at your own pace. All with breakthrough simplicity, speed and savings. That means instant recoveries, hands-free management, automated workflows, easy cloud adoption, and hard dollars saved for other projects.

Manage Data at Scale

One single platform manages all data in the cloud, at the edge, or on-prem for backup, disaster recovery, archival, compliance, analytics, and copy data management. Rubrik powers on your data instantly (for recovery to test/dev) and unleashes hard savings from a converged architecture.

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Cloud Data Management Screen

Data Management Applications

Full Visibility and Control

Deliver centralized management for your global, distributed Rubrik environment. Designed for a seamless user experience, Polaris GPS provides a comprehensive view of your physical, virtual and cloud topologies while making management tasks elegantly simple and intuitive.

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Rubrik Polaris Datasheet

Full Visibility and Control.
Built on a Unified System of Record.

Polaris – The Simplest Way to Protect and Recover Office 365

Immutability Against Ransomware

Polaris Radar helps you increase your resiliency against ransomware by making it faster and easier to recover from an attack. Radar helps you recover faster by providing a simple, intuitive user interface that tracks how your data changed over time. It replaces manual recoveries with just a few clicks for minimal business disruption. It also increases intelligence by using machine learning to actively monitor and generate alerts for suspicious activity.

NoSQL Data Management

App-Consistent Recoveries

Deliver app-consistent recoveries with a policy-driven approach. Backups are always available in native formats. Orchestrate column family-level recoveries to clusters with an any-to-any topology restore.

Development Efficiencies

Refresh production data into dev and test clusters with an any-to-any topology restore. Leverage advanced features such as queryable recovery, TTL support, masking, undersampling, and more.

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The rise of cloud-native applications. Built on scale-out databases


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Rubrik Polaris for Office 365 Datasheet

Deliver Faster, Simpler Recoveries. Retain Full Control of Your Data

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Rubrik Andes 5.0 Datasheet

Protect, Automate, and Govern Mission-critical Applications Across Hybrid Cloud

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Andes 5.0 Infographic

The Top Highlights from Rubrik Andes 5.0

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Radar Datasheet

Faster Recovery from Ransomware

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End-to-End Security with Polaris GPS

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Cloud Scale with NAS Backup and NAS Direct Archive Innovation Brief

Enabling Fast Ingest and Affordable Back-End Storage

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