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About Cohesity

Cohesity brings data management combining one platform, one UI and multiple apps. Eliminate mass data fragmentation by consolidating data management silos and enable IT to extract more value from their data. Cohesity uses web-scale design principles to revolutionize data-management. Shop Cohesity 

Partnership with SHI

Cohesity works with each of SHI's 2020 Strategic Partners. Cohesity software is certified on HPE, Cisco, Pure Storage, and Dell hardware, as well as Microsoft, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. SHI adds value by bringing disruptive, leading technology to customers, alongside an unparalleled customer experience. Contact SHI 

dataprotect icon  DataProtect

Radically simplify your backup and recovery infrastructure with Cohesity DataProtect.

Cohesity DataProtect offers end-to-end protection that eliminates data silos while spanning core to cloud to edge. Fast and flexible, Cohesity is a software-defined, pay-as-you-grow solution delivering RPOs in minutes, and near-instant RTOs to meet business SLAs. Enterprises scale out limitlessly, avoiding forklift upgrades and cutting data protection costs in half.

How Cohesity Redefines Data Management

dataplatform icon  DataPlatform and DataPlatform Cloud Edition


Consolidate all secondary data and applications - backups, files, objects, test/dev and analytics - in a single, cloud-native solution.

Cohesity DataPlatform is a unified, web-scale, scale-out solution that simplifies data management in a single GUI. It features true global deduplication and compression to maximize storage efficiency and reduce IT operational burdens. With one, hyperconverged platform featuring global indexing and Google-like search, enterprises improve secondary data visibility and make their backup and unstructured data productive.

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Cohesity DataPlatform

Web-scale simplicity and efficiency in one platform with endless possibilities

DataPlatform Cloud

Search and instantly recover while extending your hybrid cloud strategy to secondary data and apps.

Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition lets enterprises perform disaster recovery, test/dev and cloud-native backup in a single solution with a consistent operating model. The solution brings the power of web-scale simplicity to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Cohesity Powered Service Provider public clouds for secondary data. Enterprises maximize storage efficiency with variable-length, global deduplication and secure data with software-based encryption, both in the cloud and during replication.

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Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition

Bring the power of web-scale simplicity to the public cloud for secondary data

Helios Icon  Helios

Accelerate IT productivity, maximize agility, simplify business planning and improve continuity with Cohesity Helios.

Cohesity Helios is a unique SaaS-based management solution unifying all secondary data and application infrastructures globally. Powered by machine learning, it provides a single view and global management of all enterprise secondary data and applications, wherever they reside-on-premises, cloud, and edge. Helios proactively assesses IT needs and automates infrastructure resources, enabling organizations to avoid downtime and disruption.

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SaaS-based, global secondary data and application management

marketplace icon  Marketplace

Extract deeper insights from your data and gain efficiencies from applications running on backup systems.

Cohesity makes enterprise backup and unstructured data more productive. Only Cohesity brings compute to data, running Cohesity as well as third-party applications directly on Cohesity DataPlatform, to maximize insights. Cohesity Marketplace features: Cohesity, as well as new, validated third-party apps - with more coming soon; and the Cohesity SDK, which offers seamless integration of custom and industry-leading Data Loss Prevention, compliance, and eDiscovery capabilities into the DataPlatform.


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