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Arctic Wolf® is the market leader in security operations. Using the cloud-native Arctic Wolf® Platform, highly trained Concierge Security® experts work as an extension of your team, providing 24/7 monitoring, detection and response — while continually strengthening your security posture!

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Security Operations

Protect your data and reputation

Arctic Wolf’s security operations solutions deploy in minutes and immediately begins monitoring your environment, ensuring proactive and dynamic detection and response to threats, intrusions, and attacks. Keep your organization safe by receiving timely and actionable intelligence—without the overwhelming noise of endless false positives.

Arctic Wolf key features

  • Named Concierge Security® Team to monitor your internal and external networks, devices, and people 24/7
  • Custom alerts, response management, and in-depth reporting analytics
  • Predictable subscription payments
  • Compliance reporting and management
  • Cloud monitoring (Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Box, Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft Azure)

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Cybersecurity experts readily available to mitigate cyberattacks

Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response is anchored by a named Concierge Security Team who monitors your network 24/7, handles log aggregation and correlation, actively hunts for threats, and provides custom alerts and reports when cyberattacks occur.

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Managed Risk

Continuous vulnerability scanning and endpoint analytics

Without understanding where your vulnerabilities lay, your organization leaves itself exposed to the latest attack vectors employed by cybercriminals. The Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk solution helps your organization make sense of risk to reduce your attack surface and ultimately prevent cybercrimes before they occur.

Dynamic Asset Identification Icon

Dynamic Asset Identification

Quickly profiles and classifies assets on your network to build a comprehensive inventory

Internal Vulnerability Assessment Icon

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Identifies and reveals exploitable vulnerabilities in systems inside the corporate network

External Vulnerability Assessment

External Vulnerability Assessment

Discovers explotiable vulnerabilites in internet-facing systems, and external domains

Host-Based Vulnerability Assessment

Host-Based Vulnerability Assessment

Scans hardware and cloud environments to reveal vulnerabilities only detectable by on-device observations

Account Takeover Risk Detection

Account Takeover Risk Detection

Assess risks and vulnerabilities associated with your internal and external networks, devices, and people

Security Controls Benchmarking Icon

Security Controls Benchmarking

Benchmarks your risk profile against comprehensive configuration guidelines, including global security standards

Cloud Monitoring and Log Search

Cloud Monitoring

24/7 visibility to on-premises networks and cloud services

Arctic Wolf® Managed Cloud Monitoring provides comprehensive visibility for leading cloud services. Arctic Wolf virtual sensors use APIs to provide near-real-time monitoring of your cloud resources and user behavior to ensure they comply with your security policies. Data from cloud services are processed by our SOC, which leverages Hybrid AI to detect and respond to advanced attacks with 10 times better accuracy and minimize the impact to your business.

Log Search

Query your log data to improve IT operations and security

Arctic Wolf log search enables enterprises to improve IT operations and their cybersecurity posture. Users can search log data ingested by Arctic Wolf in efforts to better understand their environment and answer operational and security questions they may have.


Making compliance less complicated

With Arctic Wolf you get:

  • Standard and customizable reporting supporting key compliance frameworks, including PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC , NIST 800-171, and more.
  • Audit support from an expert Concierge Security Team.
  • Customizable reporting to support third-party vendor management or other audits.
  • Log aggregation and retention, 24/7 monitoring, asset classification and audit, and more required capabilities.

These capabilities allow you to:

  • Pass your audits, including PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC, NIST 800-171, and more.
  • Streamline compliance processes.
  • Achieve your security framework goals.
  • Acquire and retain customers, partners, and more with demonstrated security.

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