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Pathway to 5G

Amid the rapidly rising anticipation for 5G, many organizations are asking the same question, “What does 5G mean today, and how long before it can help my business?”  

Businesses and agencies will use 5G to connect devices and applications that expand customer engagement, streamline operations and enable agility in ways that have never been possible — until now. 


5G for Business Guidebook Thumbnail
5G for Business Guidebook

A Guide to Understanding and Exploring the Pathway to 5G for Business.

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5 for 5G On-demand Webinar

Five Strategies to Implement Now to Jumpstart Digital Transformation.

Branch Networks

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NetCloud Service for Branch

Gain agility using cellular to connect the branch but still retain reliability, security, application performance and ease of management. Scale to thousands of locations with a primary WAN, or as wired bandwidth augmentation using wireless-optimized SD-WAN. Move network locations without the delay and expense of re-cabling the WAN connection. Keep responsive to customers with pop-up or in-store options

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Featured Products

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Branch Connectivity

Cradlepoint branch routers provide industry-leading Gigabit-Class LTE, a Pathway to 5G and high-performance wired connectivity combined with multiple ports of Ethernet connectivity and Wi-Fi access.

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Branch Continuity

Flexible LTE adapters work with any branch or SD-WAN router to provide cellular connectivity. These powerful solutions maximize uptime for businesses that require always-on connectivity.

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Work From Anywhere

Extend the office-based environment to a dedicated home network with security, availability and ease of management for mission-critical remote workers.

Mobile Networks

NetCloud Service for Mobile

Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for Mobile provides the enterprise capabilities that organizations need to manage their in-vehicle work. Delivered through purpose-built ruggedized routers, NetCloud provides enterprise-class reliability, manageability and security, and allows cohesive management, at scale, at the converged LTE edge.

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Mass Transit Image
Mass Transit

Choosing In-Vehicle Network Solutions – Learn about the challenges and best practices for implementing a mobile network.

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First Responders

Cradlepoint provides the secure connectivity that first responders need to leverage critical technologies and access up-to-date information 24x7.

School Bus Connectivity Image
School Bus Connectivity

Having reliable, consistent network connectivity is considered essential for any school district.

IoT Networks

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NetCloud Service for IoT

The NetCloud IoT edge-to-cloud service encompasses a suite of technologies designed for IoT applications: reliability, security, management and data orchestration delivered through purpose-built routers. This enables successful enterprise-grade IoT deployments with ease and scale.


Cloud-Managed LTE for Remote Video Surveillance Thumbnail
Cloud-Managed LTE for Remote Video Surveillance

Explore how enterprises can leverage cloud-managed LTE to securely transmit and monitor security video footage remotely.

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Extensibility & Open Integrations

NetCloud’s extensibility makes this rich data available in a variety of ways to meet user requirements.

SOHO Networks

NetCloud Service for SOHO

NetCloud Service for SOHO provides cloud-managed capabilities to support a dedicated network to enable remote workers from anywhere. This cloud-based service permits zero-touch deployment, enables visibility with dashboards and delivers control at scale with group configurations, policy creation, distribution and enforcement.

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Implement & Manage Working from Home Thumbnail
Implement & Manage Working from Home

Solutions must meet the needs of both the IT team and employees.

Secure, Cloud-controlled Network to Enable Work from Hom Thumbnail
Secure, Cloud-controlled Network to Enable Work from Home

Centrally manage employees’ work from anywhere experience.

About Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint is a global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions. Cradlepoint NetCloud, the personification of the company’s Elastic Edge vision, is a subscription-based service with purpose-built endpoints that deliver a pervasive, secure and software-defined Wireless WAN edge. Shop Cradlepoint 

Partnership with SHI

As a Cradlepoint Premier National Solution Partner, SHI is authorized to provide Cradlepoint NetCloud Solutions throughout the US and select EMEA regions. SHI through its Mobility, Activation, and Configuration team’s capabilities can help finalize a complete world-class LTE network solution. Contact SHI 

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