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Video Conferencing for Every Room

At home or in the office, Simply NUC’s Zoom Room Solution provides out-of-the-box support for all your conferencing needs. The Zoom Room-enabled solution arrives with Zoom meeting software and Windows 10 Pro, making this the perfect living room or home office mini PC. Add a webcam, wireless keyboard and mouse to meet from your couch with colleagues or have that weekend Zoom call with friends and family. Flawless video, integrated audio, and wireless content sharing comes together on a single appliance, driving productivity, communication and connections further.

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Zoom Rooms

Business Workstations


Simply NUC Mini PC Workstations

Get incredible richness and amazing performance for your heaviest workloads with Simply NUC Mini PC Workstations. Designed with ample features like the capability to connect multiple 4K displays, dual HDMI ports, Thunderbolt 3 ports and USB-C ports, these mini workstations give you major options while saving valuable workspace.

Specifically built for professionals, Simply NUC’s workstations are powerful, low-profile workhorses. Deep-dive into CAD, run complex financial analyses, render your medical images, or run flight or mission simulations - all on a Simply NUC Mini PC Workstation.

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Digital Signage Solutions

Power your Digital Signage with Simply NUC Media Players

Whether it’s one or two UHD displays or an entire video wall, Simply NUC Media Players will get your message delivered. Make the most of 4K displays to deliver your digital signage campaigns and keep them secure and stable with remote management technology. Simply NUC Media Players provide reliable, easy-to-maintain solutions, all in a minimal amount of space.

From international airports to hotel chains, to the convenience store down the street, Simply NUC has partnered with industry leaders to offer a range of signage solutions to meet your needs.

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Embedded Digital Signage

Conference Solutions

Conference Room

Power your Conference Rooms with Simply NUC Mini PCs

Collaborate better with Simply NUC conference solutions. Make the most of 4K displays in the room, easily integrate with your conference applications of choice, and keep it secure and stable with reliable remote management technology.

Streamline your meetings by starting your presentations faster with a high-speed connection and instantaneous sharing capabilities. Utilize your existing conference room applications or upgrade to something new - Simply NUC has a variety of solutions to help you get exactly what you need to collaborate more efficiently.

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Interactive Display Solutions

LUMOplay Retail Kit Powered by Simply NUC

Engage with Customers in a Ttotally Interactive Way

Bring any digital display to life with a LUMOplay Interactive Kit powered by Simply NUC. The kit will make any projector, TV, or LED display interactive, and includes a free month of access to over 200 high quality apps designed for interactive floor, wall, and touchscreen experiences. You can also make your own custom apps, including your logo and graphics, using LUMOplay’s patented code-free content creation tools.

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LUMOplay Educational Kit Powered by Simply NUC

Encourage Creative Play

Create new educational experiences with a LUMOplay Educational Kit powered by Simply NUC. Interactive floor apps include competitive and collaborative games for single and multiple players, as well as ambient experiences for sensory and special needs applications. Creative educators and students can even create their own experiences using code-free Motion Maker templates.

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Edge Server Solutions

Beechwoods Edge Server powered by Simply NUC

Simply NUC has partnered with Beechwoods Software to provide an edge computing solution which includes a commercial distribution of the latest EdgeX release, a Console Configuration Tool for easy setup, and an upgrade path to additional IoT protocols and enhanced Edge capabilities.

Beechwoods Software is a thought leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability, helping to drive initiatives and actively contributing to open source projects for the AllSeen Alliance, Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and EdgeX Foundry. It features a built-in health monitoring system which includes a controllable fan, hardware monitoring and a watchdog timer. When it comes to rugged environments, the Edge Server is engineered to last - making the Beechwoods Edge Server from Simply NUC the ideal rugged IoT device to connect over multiple protocols to the cloud as well as proximal networks.

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Edge Server Infogrpahic

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Simply NUC, a Platinum Intel Technology Provider, provides small form factor computing solutions and services to a wide range of customers across North America and beyond. We provide expert advice, testing, service, warranty and support of mini PC kits, systems, solutions, and accessories. Shop Simply NUC 

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