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Meet Chrome OS for Business.

Meet Chrome OS

Chrome OS is a modern, secure endpoint solution for business that combines the benefits of a cloud-first OS and devices built for a modern workforce, with enterprise-grade management tools that simplify IT administration, enabling workers to be effective and productive from anywhere.

>Chrome OS

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is a modern, cloud-first OS for the way modern workers use technology. Designed with security, app compatibility, and simplified management in mind, Chrome OS empowers workers and IT alike to be more productive and efficient from anywhere.

Chrome OS Devices

Chrome OS Devices

Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices come in a variety of form factors and specifications to ensure there is a device to meet the needs of every worker. Whether they’re out in the field or taking video calls from home, Chromebooks have them covered.

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

To meet the way cloud workers use technology in today’s distributed workplace, IT needs powerful tools to manage their fleet remotely. With Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, IT gains the tools to increase uptime and enhance security protocols, by utilizing the powerful, cloud-based Google Admin console.

Secure by Design

Chrome OS is a modern, cloud-first platform for business that is secure by design.

  • Chrome OS was built from the ground up with security in mind - from individually sandboxed apps and powerful permissions management, to automated OS security updates and comprehensive device policies.
  • Chrome OS devices are just as secure at the hardware-level, with the Google-designed Titan-C security chip built-in to every Chromebook.
  • Powerful device management capabilities, enabled by the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and powered by the Google Admin Console, enables IT to manage their fleet remotely with tools to monitor and disable any device suspected of being compromised.
What makes Chrome OS great for business?

Manage Devices from Anywhere

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade empowers IT administrators to manage their employee devices with ease, simplifying deployments and reducing operational overhead.

  • Leverage the flexibility and ease of use of Google Admin console to manage all your devices from a single app.
  • Configure, enroll and deploy devices seamlessly to get your team up and running fast.
  • Prevent data theft by remotely disabling devices that have been lost or stolen.
  • Blocklisting & allowlisting of both URLs & extensions enables enhanced security measures.
  • Push app and OS updates remotely to ensure devices are up-to-date and secure.
Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Overview Thumbnail
Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Overview

Learn how Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the business capabilities of Chrome OS devices to help you seamlessly manage your endpoints.

A Smart Investment for Your Business

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership with Chrome OS

Organizations can save up to $482 per device per year* through reduced employee downtime, fewer security breaches, and reduced hardware and licensing costs.

Read the economic impact study “Quantifying the Value of Google Chromebooks with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade” (PDF), a commissioned study conducted by ESG on behalf of Google.

*Save up to $482 per device per year from reduced deployment, upgrade, and training costs.


Reduce Total Cost

Choosing the Right Chrome OS Device for Your Workers

Give workers the right tools for the job

To be productive and do their best work, employees need the right tools.

With this helpful guide, you’ll be able to select the right Chromebook for your cloud workers, based on the type of work they do and the minimum device specifications necessary to help them be productive from anywhere.

Read the guide to help you select the right Chrome OS device for your workers.


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Provide Workers Access to the Legacy Apps They Need

Whether your workers spend most of their time using web apps or traditional legacy apps, Chrome OS offers several solutions to enable access to all the legacy apps your teams need to be productive remotely, without compromising security.

Chrome OS & VDI together offer an ideal thin client solution

With support for leading VDI services, Chrome OS makes providing access to legacy apps seamless, while enabling the benefits of Chrome Enterprise.

  • Chrome OS supports leading VDI services: Citrix, VMware, Cameyo, Nutanix, Itopla and Workspot.
  • Access to all the apps your workers need: Whether your teams rely on web apps or legacy Windows apps, Chrome OS is a highly secure endpoint solution for your team.
  • Seamlessly transition to cloud-first devices: Reduce your legacy and Windows device footprint by leveraging VDI services.

Learn How VDI Can Unlock the Power of Chrome OS for Your Business with this useful Data Sheet:


Run Windows apps locally on Chrome OS with Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS offers the flexibility of a cloud-first OS alongside access to legacy apps, locally on device.

  • Run Windows apps locally on Chrome OS: Enable workers with the legacy apps they need, including support for fully-featured Microsoft Office.
  • Offline access: Legacy apps leveraging Parallels Desktop run locally on-device, even without an internet connection.
  • Administrative controls: Select which users have access to Parallels Desktop all from the Google Admin console.

Learn how Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS provides a solution for your business's legacy applications as you transition to cloud-first devices with our helpful guide.


Run Windows App with Parallels

Shop Chrome OS Devices

Shop Chrome OS Devices by Brand

Shop Chrome OS

Purchase a Chromebook with the enterprise capabilities unlocked, so that you can get devices for your workers up and running quickly.

Choose from the wide variety and versatility of Chrome OS devices, across form factors, brands, and features. There is a great device for every type of worker.

Unlock the enterprise-grade management capabilities of your business’s Chrome OS devices with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Key Use Cases for Chrome OS

Hybrid Work
Return to Office

Learn how Chrome OS enables workers to be productive from anywhere, while helping IT deploy and manage devices remotely.

Healthcare Thumbnail

Moving to cloud-first endpoints is a cost-effective, secure way to address the needs of providers and patients, helping to provide an improved care experience.

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Frontline Workers

Move offline processes online and get powerful technology into the hands of your frontline workers in order to unlock their productivity and provide

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