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Symantec Data Loss Prevention 15.0 introduces new information protection capabilities, powered by the industry’s leading data loss prevention technology, to give you greater visibility and control over your confidential data. New features include:

  • Expanded Information Centric (ICE) Encryption integration
  • Enhanced data classification integration
  • Improved content detection
  • Stronger endpoint controls
  • Improved cloud app policy and incident management
  • More flexible cloud deployment

To learn more download the Symantec Data Loss Prevention datasheet here. (Link to the Symantec-data-loss-prevention-now-with-CASB document)

Product Spotlight

Symantec Endpoint Protection is designed to address today's threat landscape with a comprehensive approach that spans the attack chain and provides the strongest endpoint protection, detection, and response.

Symantec Endpoint Protection:

  • Provides the absolute highest level of security and trust
  • Leverages advanced machine learning to detect new and evolving threats even before they happen
  • Blocks threats, so far, over 47 million WannaCry infection attempts have been blocked across 1.6 million endpoints.

Symantec Products

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection is designed to address today’s threat landscape with a comprehensive approach that spans the attack chain and provides defense in depth

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Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud unifies threat protection and device management for PC, Mac, mobile devices and servers so you can quickly protect all of your endpoints

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

Protects against the most sophisticated email threats and gain comprehensive insight into targeted and advanced email attacks

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Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Drive total protection of your sensitive data with the most comprehensive detection technologies and unified policies

Symantec CloudSCO

The Symantec CloudSOC platform enables companies to confidently leverage cloud applicasions and services while staying safe, secure and compliant

Symantec Information Centric Encryption

Protect sensitive data, wherever it is, ensuring access only to authenticated users. Prevent data loss by revoking user access with central monitoring and controls.

Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Full disk encryption (including BitLocker and FileVault management) to protect data and ensure compliance. Also protects data on removable media.

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Symantec VIP

Enterprise-grade authentication made easy for everyone

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