IT Asset

Running a business is a full-time job. Managing your IT assets shouldn’t be.

With more and more technologies entering your environment, keeping track of licenses and entitlements is a great way to avoid unwanted audits and compliance issues.

That’s where IT Asset Management by SHI comes into play!

With nearly three decades of asset management experience, SHI offers end-to-end ITAM services, dedicated account teams, industry-leading tools and proven practices to help you remain compliant and ensure your IT portfolio is fully optimized at all times.

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Our IT Asset Management solutions are tailored to your unique needs, including:
Changes in
Large scale
software purchases
Mergers or


  • Continuous license and security compliance
  • Reclamation of unused or underutilized technology
  • Optimized purchases and reduced IT costs
  • Renewal/expiration tracking
  • Complete visibility and control of assets
  • Reduced audit risk
  • Access to industry-leading hardware and software experts
  • Maximized ROI
  • And much more!