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This is innovation at work

SHI and VMware have teamed up to offer you state‑of‑the‑art technologies with expert strategy, deployment, integration, implementation, and management. Harness the power of your infrastructure, successfully migrate to the cloud, and secure your digital employee experiences with innovative technologies and technical expertise from our specialists. With our guidance, you can speed up your business growth and realize your full potential. Drive real results from your technology investments.


Benefits of VMware Solutions through SHI


Two tech industry leaders with an aligned vision 

Two industry-leading companies, one goal: to provide the cutting-edge technology and expert strategy that will accelerate your digital transformation. Cloud migration. Data center modernization. Solutions for your remote workforce. Whatever your goals, SHI and VMware have the tools you need. Let’s build your future together.


Seamless integration of new technology and data

Introducing new technology into your environment can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. SHI’s customized strategy will ensure seamless integration of VMware technology into your system. Together, we’ll help construct a modern data center that will keep your business moving forward…while ensuring that your experience is hassle-free.

Device guidance

Faster growth with technical expertise and guidance

The demands on your infrastructure, endpoints, and data management compound every day. And without the right blueprints to compete in today’s fast-paced environment, you could be left behind. Trust SHI and VMware for the technical expertise and guidance that can speed up your business growth and help you realize your full potential.

SHI is a 2023 Pinnacle Partner of VMware and winner of the 2023 Partner Value Award for the Americas!

Data Center Modernization

Prepare for cloud. Eliminate silos. Leverage your existing environment.

With SHI and VMware, you can ensure your data center's agility, scale, and resilience for what’s next.

Build your future
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Cloud migration

Destination: Cloud

Simplify your operations, modernize your apps, and focus on your business with SHI and VMware.

Take the first step
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Anywhere workspace

Digital workspace made easy.

Essential tools. Technology blueprints. Next‑gen apps. VMware and SHI have the solutions you need to empower your remote teams to succeed.

Break (virtual) ground
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Build your digital future

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