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Modernize your IT with next-generation infrastructure that improves service delivery while better connecting employees, citizens, students, and affiliated agencies.

Most government, education, and healthcare organizations have data centers that have been running reliably for decades. However, legacy technology is often inflexible and restrictive, making it hard to support the new demands put on IT today. The path forward lies in modernizing these data centers, so they can provide your IT the agility, scale, and resilience to quickly support all your needs.

Modernize your infrastructure with SHI

In an ever-changing digital world, SHI can help you prepare for whatever comes next. Infrastructure is no longer confined within the four walls of your data center. It's on the edge and in the multi-cloud. To meet your business objectives and keep innovation a priority in today's fast-changing environment, your infrastructure needs to be resilient, agile and sustainable. This path to reducing your costs and enabling growth lies in investing in next generation infrastructure. SHI has the experience and expertise to guide you through the complete life cycle of all your projects and services. Modernize your infrastructure and digitalize your future with SHI's experts. Let SHI help you modernize your infrastructure.

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Hybrid data center

Combine traditional on-premises data centers and cloud-based infrastructure to drive cost savings and improve performance—all while enhancing citizen and employee experience. From the latest hybrid data center technologies to complete design and implementation, we’ll help you select the ideal solution—one that blends the security and control of a traditional data center with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

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Data management

Public sector organizations need quick, accurate, and actionable insights from their data to meet the rising demand for citizen services, and achieve operational data-driven outcomes. Our experts assess your needs, building an integrated data strategy that spans data governance, migration, and protection. Our solutions include storage area networks, network-attached storage, hyper-converged, all-flash, and hybrid cloud storage.

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Customer success lifecycle plan

With an ever-increasing reliance on data to power day-to-day operations and inform decision making, it is more critical than ever for organizations to be mindful of how their data is used, stored, and accessed. Through SHI’s storage lifecycle success plan, we provide you with ongoing consultative and analytical support to maximize your storage performance and related technology capabilities.

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Cloud solutions

If you need to assess the cloud or modernize your on-premises architecture, SHI’s solutions can help deliver resilient public service operations, and give your constituents faster access to current information and resources. Our experts can build single or multi-cloud strategies, working with you every step of the way, including planning, deployment, migration, optimization, as well as managed and professional services.

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SHI helps government, education, and healthcare organizations enter the next generation of data center technology with a hybrid of on‑premises and cloud.

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