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Incorporating AI into your organization can be the catalyst you need to surpass the competition. To get you there, SHI helps select, deploy, and manage transformative AI solutions to:

  • Automate processes.
  • Optimize workflows.
  • Unlock new growth opportunities.

With our real-world expertise, advanced AI Lab facilities, and focus on business outcomes, we enable you to capture this technology’s game-changing potential while navigating the dynamic AI landscape.

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Applied generative AI

Solve your business challenges and uncover new opportunities with the help of experts who ensure you understand generative AI’s potential. Our interactive AI strategy briefings and workshops will accurately assess needs and identify use cases. Then – together – we can map the perfect generative AI solutions to drive efficiency, productivity, and growth.

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Advanced AI Lab

Fast-track AI experimentation and prototyping in our state-of-the-art lab facility. Collaborate hand-in-hand with our data scientists to rapidly build, rigorously test, and validate AI solutions on a small scale—before committing to full production implementation.

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Enterprise-wide AI deployment

We seamlessly manage the deployment of validated AI solutions across your organization, leveraging our deep infrastructure expertise as well as our partnerships with leading cloud and hardware providers. You’ll be able to drive scale and strong user adoption—all with smooth integration into existing systems.

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Private AI development

For sensitive data, we develop customized private AI solutions tailored to your unique security and confidentiality data governance needs. This guarantees that responsible AI best practices are firmly built in by design through the full development lifecycle.

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Responsible AI

Ensure ethical AI across solution building, deployment, and operationalization. With our comprehensive governance program, you can expect transparency, bias prevention, fairness, accountability, careful security, and environmental responsibility.

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Make an AI-powered future your reality

Solve what's next. Webinar series

Beyond the hype: A practical guide to assessing, piloting, and scaling generative AI 

Join top experts from SHI, HPE, AMD, and Cloudera as they provide practical guidance on harnessing generative AI's potential. Available now on our Solve What’s Next webinar series.

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Microsoft copilot interface with various tabs and options is displayed, with a chat popup window overlaid on it

Microsoft Copilot expands availability! Here are 6 tips to get started 

Microsoft's generative AI has come a long way since the early adoption of Copilot. The company has lifted all the limitations, paving the way for mass adoption.

January 15, 2024
Two people in a data center with blue and orange server racks

How to build a better (and cost-effective) data center in 2024 

Integrating the complex infrastructure, software, and hardware to support AI/ML is a daunting task. Discover a better way to ensure the highest six-nine quality standards with OEM-certified technicians and engineers working on your infrastructure deployment.

January 03, 2024
Solve what's next. Webinar series

AI and the Microsoft Ecoverse: The citizen maker conversation 

Join us for an exciting webinar as we take you on a thrilling journey through the Microsoft AI Ecoverse! Available now on our Solve What’s Next webinar series.

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How to save up to $1M per hour with one data center site survey 

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November 14, 2023

Solve what’s next for AI implementation.

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