Business and technical support that is as diverse and dynamic as the cloud itself.

As “cloud” offerings continue to transition from “IT marketing buzzwords” to “viable IT solutions,” SHI continues to adjust our value-added solutions to support customers at every stage of cloud adoption.

Whether you’re still assessing how the cloud fits into your environment (many customers), are split between some already deployed cloud applications/infrastructure and some legacy IT solutions (many more customers) or are already 100% in the cloud (almost no one), we can help.

Utilizing cloud solutions requires coordinating both business and technical resources across multiple business units. Since each business owner has different goals, SHI provides the tools, processes and expertise to ensure your organization’s usage of cloud computing is available, compliant, secure, makes good business sense and is seamless to end-users.

If you are tasked with answering any of the questions above, read through this section and contact your SHI Account Team to see which aspects of SHI’s Cloud Services are right for you!