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Security is the digital shield that safeguards your organization’s data and operations from relentless cyber threats.

Cyber frameworks and new regulations are being released in ever-growing numbers, which means organizations now have to comply with federal, industry-specific, or SEC legislation. The legislative landscape becomes more complex considering the regulation against reporting a data breach and the fines therein for a late report.

SHI’s experts have industry-specific experience in the development and application of cybersecurity programs, as well as the selection and management of security operation services. From in-house innovation to tailored consultations, SHI positions your organization’s objectives at the heart of our strategic guidance.

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Don’t risk falling victim to new and emerging threats or non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

The digital transformation of business operations has led to a massive proliferation of data and connected systems. While bringing unprecedented opportunities, it has also opened the floodgates to an ever-evolving threat landscape. From sophisticated nation-state actors to opportunistic cybercriminals, the digital realm is teeming with adversaries seeking vulnerabilities to exploit.

SHI’s security program strategy and operations offerings help modernize your cybersecurity strategy, and ensure you have the people, processes, and technologies in place to keep up with evolving threats and regulatory requirements. We work with you to ensure long-term security by evaluating the current state of your security program against industry best practices and cybersecurity frameworks, and developing an actionable roadmap to an optimized state based on strategic objectives.

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Cyber asset attack surface management

Today’s cybersecurity measures require more effort to implement than ever before. Around-the-clock monitoring, increased visibility, automated analysis – attackers have learned to take advantage of the latest innovations, which means organizations must do the same. The greater the threat, the greater the need for a robust cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) strategy.

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Security orchestration, automation, and response

Security teams often find themselves performing repetitive tasks or using a lot of time investigating potential incidents. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) tools and next-generation security solutions can assist teams by automating tasks, which are done by playbooks, workflows, and integrations designed to reduce response time to incidents.

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Security awareness training

As threats continue to evolve, it becomes essential to provide front-line employees with the skills and information they need to understand the dangers of social engineering, the ability to identify risks and recognize potential threats, and take the appropriate action to protect the organization.

Spotlight on customer success

See how our teams and partners help organizations like yours achieve superior business and security outcomes.

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10 best practices for building an effective security awareness program  

Transform your security awareness program with 10 tips to foster a culture of effective cybersecurity and block threats.

October 9, 2023
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Case study

Growing healthcare provider offers specialized care with a simplified security solution  

A large healthcare provider underwent major changes, requiring a simplified cybersecurity solution to consolidate their sister companies and ease their growth, despite time constraints and expiring technology solutions.

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Case study

Healthcare research firm unveils master-planned campus with state-of-the-art data center  

A customer planned to consolidate four sites into a single 170,000-square-foot headquarters and needed assistance with design, configuration, and implementation of a comprehensive network security solution to support 1,200 employees.

Stay ahead of cyber threats and regulatory compliance requirements.

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