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Environmental, Social, and Governance

The keystones to SHI's business philosophy

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Enhancing our sustainability management approach

SHI is proactively integrating sustainability into our strategy and operations, building on our foundational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) while adhering to the principles of the UN Global Compact. With our CFO serving as executive sponsor for sustainability, this focus has elevated sustainability to the senior management agenda, representing a significant advancement in managing our impacts and disclosing information to stakeholders.

In 2023, we enhanced our sustainability management approach, disclosure, and stakeholder engagement processes. In 2024, we aim to finalize development of science-based climate targets and submit them to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for validation. This represents a significant milestone in our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) journey, following an inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the establishment of reporting systems, and the identification and analysis of decarbonization levers.

Key initiatives and achievements in 2023 include:

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Inaugural Sustainability and Action Report:

We published our first external report, detailing an inventory of key sustainability policies, activities, and metrics. We’ve since published our second annual report.

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Sustainability Committee:

We formed a dedicated team to drive greater focus, strategic direction, and accountability for sustainability across the organization.

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Reporting integrity:

We improved our reporting, including an independent review of our GHG inventory and continuous system enhancement of data collection automation.

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CDP performance:

Our CDP efforts were rewarded with an improved rating of C, in line with the average score for specialized professional services and North America. We anticipate further improvement with the adoption of our climate targets in 2024.

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EcoVadis Silver score:

We achieved a 20% increase in our overall EcoVadis score.

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Customer engagement:

We hosted our first Sustainability Summit, fostering dialogue and collaboration with our customers and partners.

“SHI is committed to operating in an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable manner, and we are excited to provide greater transparency into our key efforts and initiatives in this area.”

– Thai Lee

Driving climate action and environmental stewardship

Climate action and environmental preservation are crucial principles of our overall business strategy. We achieve this by implementing and supporting environmental management systems, upgrading infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency, and regularly collecting and analyzing climate and environmental data at each of our facilities.

We work with third parties to enhance the quality of our reporting and identify measures to reduce our environmental impact.

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Our certifications reflect SHI’s dedication to creating environmentally friendly and energy-efficient workspaces.

Our climate and environmental priorities include:

  • Decarbonization and energy efficiency
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Water conservation
  • Circularity

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DEI makes SHI better, smarter, and more collaborative

By investing in our employees and communities and focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we aspire to enhance collaboration and employee engagement and contribute to a fair and just society.

Our goal is to create an environment that fosters greater representation of people with diverse backgrounds, as well as respectful and inclusive communication between all employees.

Our social priorities include:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Employee well-being
  • Community engagement
  • Employee development
"SHI builds a strong, unified community by sharing and celebrating all our unique experiences. When we all listen, share, educate, and empower, we ensure all voices are heard around our table, recognizing first and foremost what we have in common to allow us to achieve success."

– Ellen Mass, Vice President of Human Resources

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An introduction to diversity, equity, and inclusion at SHI 

We’re aligning diverse perspectives with our objectives as employees’ and customers’ priorities change.

The power of diverse voices and communities to create a more inclusive workplace.

Upholding governance and advancing sustainability

We believe effective governance is crucial for the development and successful delivery of our business strategy. By adhering to our values and defining clear roles, rights, and responsibilities within SHI, we strengthen our management and further enhance the public trust we have earned from years of operating with uncompromising integrity.

We are dedicated to continuously improving, with a clear commitment to the environment and society guiding our actions.

Our key governance priorities include:

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Continued commitment to transparency

Our annual sustainability reports highlight our commitments and progress towards a sustainable future.

SHI has developed and published policies to support our sustainability strategy.

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U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

SHI firmly believes in taking meaningful action wherever we can. That’s why we’ve chosen to actively address these 8 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals as part of our commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

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Good health and well‑being

SHI has taken significant steps toward cultivating a culture of wellbeing and prioritizing the health of our employees. By fostering supportive work environments and practical resources, we actively promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our commitment to this path remains unwavering as we continually improve our impact on our workforce and communities.

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Quality education

As the largest private minority- and woman-owned business enterprise (MWBE) in the U.S., SHI has a responsibility to create an inclusive space as well as opportunities for women and minorities to gain valuable experience across the IT industry. We aim to cultivate an environment that ensures equal access to quality education and promotes lifelong learning for all individuals.

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Gender equality

Women in SHI Initiative (WiSH) is an employee resource group (ERG) connecting women in technology. WiSH organizes events and forums every year to inspire, empower, and encourage collaboration among SHI employees. We aim to promote a more balanced gender representation and cultivate an inclusive environment that embraces and supports women’s participation and advancement.

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Decent work and economic growth

SHI is dedicated to promoting sustainable economic growth that is inclusive and long-lasting, as well as fostering full and productive employment opportunities for all individuals. We will actively collaborate with our supply chain to enhance resilience and ensure decent work practices.

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Reduced inequalities

SHI values our diverse workforce and takes pride in our range of ERGs dedicated to promoting DEI. These ERGs play a crucial role in fostering an environment where employees are encouraged to express themselves freely. SHI is committed to equipping our employees with the knowledge and resources necessary to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

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Responsible consumption and production

SHI is committed to promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns by implementing environmentally conscious business strategies. Through our operations, we strive to minimize waste, optimize resource utilization, and adopt eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible.

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Climate action

We recognize the urgency of addressing climate change and are committed to taking responsibility for our environmental impact. SHI actively engages in actions to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices. By integrating climate-conscious strategies, we aim to contribute to a greener future and play our part in creating a more sustainable world.

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Partnership for the goals

Achieving a sustainable future is an international effort. SHI aims to reduce downstream emissions by assisting our customers in their sustainability efforts. Our focus is on enhancing implementation methods and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development.

Sustainable solutions

SHI stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation, delivering solutions that help customers reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. Our experts provide clear, actionable, and proven recommendations in four key areas:

  • Sustainable end-to-end data center solutions
  • Cloud workload migration and optimization
  • Responsible IT asset recovery and recycling
  • Eco-friendly infrastructure solutions that enable circularity

In 2023, we held our first-ever Sustainability Summit, which sparked thought-provoking conversations about sustainable IT practices and set a new standard for eco-conscious events at SHI.

A person is performing maintenance or repair work on an open computer tower using a flashlight and tools

Asset recovery

From hardware recycling to software redeployment, we will work with you to determine the best combination of recovery services to meet your unique requirements.

Learn more 

A person is disposing of various electronic devices into a green recycling bin

Asset disposal

We can help your organization dispose of, or redeploy used technology backed with comprehensive security protocols, ensuring compliance and protecting your sensitive data.

Learn more 

A person stands next to several bins filled with assorted electronic waste, including keyboards, circuit boards, and cables

E-waste recycling

We hold yearly events for employees to recycle unwanted, unused and/or outdated equipment.

A person is working on the internal components of a desktop computer

Hardware redeployment

Through initial audit to delivery, our hardware redeployment specialists make sure your dated hardware is ready for reuse.

Learn more 

A man is working on a disassembled laptop, focusing on repairing the internal components

Hardware remarket

Our auditors create value for your unused or unwanted hardware by refurbishing retired hardware for resale. Any value garnered can be applied as a credit back to your organization.

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A row of large black data server cabinets

Cloud and data center solutions

Our Cloud and Data Center specialists aim in creating cost-effective solutions, reducing carbon emissions a physical IT infrastructure can have on organizations and communities.

Learn more 

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