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Let’s put mixed reality to work.

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Make mixed reality work for you with Meta Quest and SHI

Bring your business to life with fully immersive content and blended experiences using Meta mixed reality headsets with SHI’s custom services, applications, and device configurations.

Whether it's kickstarting creative collaboration, making meetings more immersive, or helping people fall in love with learning, mixed reality adds a little Meta-magic to your day-to-day tasks.


Benefits of Meta solutions through SHI

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Meetings and collaboration

Virtual reality transports people into immersive meeting spaces perfect for client presentations, brainstorming sessions, or other types of collaboration.

Jump into a virtual meeting in 2D or 3D, and work with your teammates like never before.

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Learning and training

Virtual reality offers immersive ways to train employees, create shared experiences, and practice procedures in an engaging, safe, cost-effective environment.

Deliver immersive learning experiences that increase people's skills and boost company performance.

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Creativity and design

Creating digital twins helps clients engage with building designs in a way that technical drawings can’t.

Collaborate directly on 3D models, see the impact of changes in real-time, and turn concepts into final products faster.

Reimagine work with Meta Quest headsets

Meta Quest 3 thumbnail

Meta Quest 3

Expand your world at work with Meta Quest 3, our most versatile headset yet.

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Meta Quest Pro

Meet our premium mixed reality headset and discover a more immersive way to work.

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Meta Quest 2

Our most popular headset is the perfect choice for businesses ready to embrace VR at scale.

Work smarter with Meta Quest for Business

Transform your workforce today. A Meta Quest for Business subscription makes it easy to scale the power of Meta Quest across your company, unlock new work solutions and empower new ways of working.

With essential features like user, device, and custom app management, as well as customer support, Meta Quest for Business makes your Meta Quest devices work-ready.

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Kickstart your immersive journey with Meta and SHI today

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