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SHI and Acer are partners in providing cutting-edge technology to organizations, helping them accelerate their success and enabling them to achieve results beyond what they thought possible. We combine Acer's reliable products, best-in-class service, and competitive pricing with SHI's dedicated sales teams, management expertise, and secure support for a truly unique offering. With SHI and Acer, it is our vision to drive innovation in the IT space as we empower companies of all sizes with the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital era.


Benefits of Acer through SHI

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Optimize your performance 

Built with your needs in mind, SHI and Acer’s modern workplace solutions adapt to diverse working and learning environments and support anywhere, anytime productivity. With complete Acer solutions for business, education, healthcare and esports, you’ll boost productivity, collaboration, and performance — no matter what industry demands you’re tackling. 

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Create a sustainable world 

As part of our commitment to sustainability and responsibility, Acer and SHI have reduced our environmental impact by developing eco-friendly products — including the Acer Vero series, produced with earth-friendly, post-consumer recyclable materials. 

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Premier support 

Our programs provide enterprises and educational institutions with dedicated Level 2 technical support that extends the device lifecycle. We deliver assistance that gets you solutions in a quick and efficient manner.

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Acer for Business laptop showcasing Windows 11 interface, with logos of Acer, Intel, and Windows 11.

Acer Windows notebooks and PCs

SHI and Acer can provide full-featured business laptops that deliver superior performance, manageability, and security features. Acer laptops are designed for users who need power and performance.

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A promotional image showcasing three Acer ChromeOS laptops for business, displayed in different orientations, with the Acer and Intel logos visible.

Acer Chrome OS solutions

Made for the cloud, Acer ChromeOS devices enable secure, reliable computing experiences in business and education with quick deployment and simple management.

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Acer Display Solutions advertisement featuring two Acer monitors displaying colorful business data graphs and charts.

Acer display solutions

Acer professional monitors provide dynamic visuals in high resolution and true-to-life colors. Options that are included meet various viewing demands as well as VESA mount support.

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